​Polaris Sportsman Snorkels And Snorkel Kits

Feb 27th 2023

​Polaris Sportsman Snorkels And Snorkel Kits

While you could stick to dry land with your ATV and use an airboat, kayak, or jet-ski to play around in water, where’s the fun in that? And even if you aren’t actively seeking the stuff, mud and water will oftentimes appear out of nowhere. Crossing a creek for the fun of it is one thing, but if a water hazard arises between you and your destination, you can either turn back in defeat, or grab the bull by the horns and take things head on! Courage and determination alone, however, won't suffice. So before you go galavanting through waist-high bodies of water in your 4x4, make sure that it’s equipped with a proper Polaris Sportsman snorkel kit! But what exactly is a snorkel, what does a snorkel do, and which companies make the best snorkel kits for the Polaris Sportsman? We’ll touch on each of these questions below, so let’s get to it!

What Are ATV Snorkels And What Do They Do?

If you’ve ever been on a beach vacation, you’ve probably seen people use snorkels (or used one yourself) to breathe while keeping their heads below water. Polaris Sportsman snorkels do basically the same thing; but in addition to helping your ATV breath while it’s swimming across the deep end, a Polaris Sportsman snorkel kit will also prevent water from getting into places that it shouldn’t be – such as the clutch box / belt box, the front differential, and the transaxle. It’s one thing to extend your inlets and intakes, but you’ve also got to snorkel your vent lines and exhausts so that they don’t fill up with mud, muck, and moisture if your quad ever dies while it’s underwater.

The advantages of running a snorkel setup on your Sportsman 850, Sportsman 450, or Sportsman 500 are obvious when riding wet and muddy terrain, but those who ride during the winter will also benefit from using ATV snorkels. Snow can cause problems if it makes its way into your machine’s clutch or air box. And while wet slushy snow is less troublesome, fine powdery snow is particularly pernicious – especially if it’s getting kicked up into the air by a snow blower or snow plow. So if you use your 4x4 to move snow during the winter, you might want to consider a Polaris Sportsman snorkel kit. But with several different brands to choose from, which snorkel kits are the best?

Best Snorkel Kits For The Polaris Sportsman

There are a few ways to measure the quality of a Polaris Sportsman snorkel kit. Some riders prefer snorkel kits that are easy to install, while others go for fancier snorkel kits with all the extra bells and whistles. In terms of installation, Go Deep Snorkels are among the easiest of the available Polaris Sportsman snorkel kits to put on. Alternatively, although they’re a pain to install, the flashy-colored and octagonal-shaped Highlifter snorkel kits for the Polaris Sportsman are nice because they have built-in grooves through which you can run your vent lines.

On top of Go Deep Snorkels and Highlifter snorkels, Triangle ATV, N2Deep Customs, and SYA also make quality snorkel kits for Polaris Sportsman machines. Riders have great things to say about the air box fitting on the SYA snorkel setup, which can be ordered as an individual unit, or as a complete kit with their snorkel risers and snorkel plates. And while you’re in the process of installing your Polaris Sportsman snorkel kit, it might be worthwhile to relocate your radiator as well. But why?

Polaris Sportsman Radiator Relocation Kits

The position of the stock Polaris Sportsman radiator – which is down in the frame – makes it rather difficult to clean. Plus, because it’s located down low, it’s a common occurrence to see Sportsman radiators caked full of mud. And as we all know, a clogged radiator is one of the most common causes of overheating issues. With the radiator in its stock location, you might think that it’s clean, but it’s usually not.

The Polaris Sportsman radiator relocation kits from companies like CYA, Rubber Down Customs, and Wild Boar (which also makes a rad relocate / snorkel kit combo) are all good, but if you do choose to relocate your radiator, you’ll lose storage space on the front of your ATV and will get some heat blowback when riding during those hot summer months.

Closing Thoughts On Polaris Sportsman Snorkels

Although you might be tempted to make your own snorkels out of PVC pipe, exercise caution if your machine is still under warranty, as “The Polaris Limited Warranty excludes damages or failures resulting from modified components”. Warranty issues aside, you should also be concerned about water infiltration from above (i.e rain). You can seal your snorkels up with Oatley Gripper test plugs while the vehicle is not in use, and pre-filters / Frog Skinz can also be added for extra protection!