Introducing the New Polaris Sportsman Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

Feb 15th 2024

Introducing the New Polaris Sportsman Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

The next time you wake up to that glossy sheet of snow coating everything in sight, will you panic or leap into action with bells on? That’s the difference that this complete lineup of Polaris Sportsman Snowblowers by Bercomac makes - the difference between dreading the work and enjoying it. If you’ve never hooked up a plow before, that lean-bodied Polaris Sportsman will surprise you in how well it can accommodate these seriously powerful snowblower/plow combos. Without further ado, here’s why we are so psyched about the Bercomac lineup.

Prime Power and Superior Engineering

Options abound when it comes to motor options within this selection of snowblowers, including 15 or 22 Hp pre-installed motors or versatile builds that allow you to bring your own. Whether you bring your own or bundle with the snowblower (we recommend an additional Bercomac exhaust silencer if you’re running a 2-cylinder Honda engine, by the way), the central mounting location allows for perfect balance. One session of clearing with this setup, and you’ll feel the difference that only superior engineering can deliver.

                                         A front-oblique image of a Polaris Sportsman Snowblower by Bercomac, installed on an ATV and parked on snowy terrain.

But even all of this punch wouldn’t be of much effect without a large enough opening to make short work of any job. Bercomac not only offers 48” and 54” models for the Polaris Sportsman, but provides extendible frames to make the job even easier. Especially when powered by a Sportsman, these hard-hitting plows are definitely big and strong enough to get the job done.

Plenty of Options to Choose From

Gone for good is the era of catch-all ATV accessories, which means more options for more applications in just about every category. These snowblowers are no exception, as Bercomac provides multiple sizes and builds (15 Hp motor/22 Hp motor/no motor) to choose from. Here’s the complete list of Polaris Sportsman Snowblower sizes and options:

  • 48” (15 Hp or install your own)
  • 54” (15 Hp, 22 Hp, or install your own)

When you factor in the extendible frame, this covers a huge range of applications, from a little powder to hard-packed mounds of snow.

Seamless Installation and Control

It might look like a pain to set up at first glance, but Bercomac is way ahead of us once again with a customer-focused approach to installation and removal. Thanks to the hook-on capability of every snowblower/plow combo that they offer, you can transform into snow-removal mode in as little as 4-5 minutes, and vice versa for removal. We are also huge fans of how they designed the sub frame to attach at the rear hitch ball, allowing for perfect weight distribution (loading more onto the suspension) and a comfortable riding experience. All while you put in some serious work!

But we can’t leave out the control box, which is a huge quality of life improvement as compared to many snowblower setups out there. Instead of having to hop out and fiddle with things, you’ve got the power to engage the clutch, kill the engine, and adjust the chute, all at your fingertips. The controls are intuitively easy to use, and each snowblower by Bercomac comes with one. The power is literally in your hands!

                                              A front-oblique image of a Polaris Sportsman Snowblower by Bercomac, installed on an ATV and parked on snowy terrain.

Focus on Safety

Don’t let the glitz and glam deceive you - safety is a key consideration throughout this collection of Bercomac Polaris Sportsman Snowblowers. By using a 3 shear bolt system, they empower users of all experience levels to ride with safety and peace of mind. Adding durability to the safety factor is the BX 55 single-belt system, which helps you to ride more and for longer with fewer breakdowns.

Made for Real Riders

Bercomac delivers way beyond fancy decals and lip service with this one, engineering every snowblower with features that actually make a major difference in power, efficiency, and safety. Thanks to this focus on practicality, you can trust that your Polaris Sportsman Bercomac snowblower will perform to the max every time you take it out. Now get out there and conquer that snow!