Our 5 Best Polaris Sportsman ATV Mirrors

Apr 15th 2024

Our 5 Best Polaris Sportsman ATV Mirrors

Whether it’s that rare stretch of flat or those dips and drops we all love, any seasoned Polaris Sportsman owner knows that having as close to 360 degree visibility as you can is essential. That's where Polaris Sportsman ATV mirrors come into play - and by Sportsman ATV mirrors, we mean actually for Sportsman ATV mirrors instead of the catch-all generic ones that won’t last two weeks in the rugged backcountry. Join us as we explore the 5 best Polaris Sportsman ATV mirrors that are sure to elevate your riding experience.

ATV Tek Polaris Sportsman Clearview Mirror

Spec out your Polaris Sportsman like an eagle-eyed all-purpose rover with the sleek and durable Clearview Mirror by ATV Tek. Featuring a rectangular-shaped, convex style mirror, this product offers less vibration and a wider field of view. With its rugged bead lock look and patented design, it minimizes blind spots on the trail, increasing rider safety. The spring tension ball joint allows for 360 degrees of rotation and 15 degrees of tilt, ensuring perfect mirror orientation every time.

                                                    An ATV Tek Clearview Mirror, highlighted against the whited-out ATV handlebar it is mounted on, all against a blank background

Seizmik 1.75" Round Tube Side View Mirror

Add style and functionality to your ride with the Seizmik 1.75" Round Tube Side View Mirror. Designed to accommodate any angle roll cage pillar, this mirror offers adaptive 360 bracket rotation for optimal viewing position. Its full breakaway geometry prevents damage during impacts, while the convex mirrors double your field of rear view. Constructed from high-impact ABS plastic housing and featuring a heavy-duty steel mounting clamp, this mirror is built to withstand the toughest off-road conditions.

Kemimoto Handlebar Rear View Mirrors

Providing a wide field of vision and housed within impeccably durable material, Kemimoto Handlebar Rear View Mirrors have definitely earned a spot on our top 5. These mirrors come with 3 accessories and feature 360-degree ball-type adjustments for the perfect angle. The larger protective rubber sleeve keeps the interfaces away from rain, mud, and snow, preventing rust and reducing buffer. With high impact ABS housing and plastic, these mirrors are built to last and withstand tough conditions.

Handlebar Rack Rearview Mirrors by Kolpin

Enjoy fully adjustable visibility with the Handlebar Rack Rearview Mirrors by Kolpin. Easily mounting to handlebars or tubular racks, these mirrors feature a quick attach/detach mounting base for convenience. The Kwik-clip allows for easy positioning and removal, accommodating 5/8" to 1" diameter tubing for optimal positioning on ATV racks or handlebars. With a fully adjustable 4" mirror, these mirrors offer clarity and ease of installation for a secure riding experience.

                                                      A Kolpin Handlebar Rack Rearview Mirror, not installed and against a blank background

Kemimoto 8MM Rear View Mirrors

Another safe bet is Kemimoto 8MM Rear View Mirrors. Featuring shockproof, wide-view mirrors, these products provide the highest degree of performance and usability under extreme conditions. The high impact ABS housing and plastic ensure durability and safety, while the easy installation process makes them compatible with most ATVs. With multiple adjustments and secure mounts, these mirrors offer clarity and stability for a clear riding experience.

When it comes to conquering the trails on your Polaris Sportsman ATV, having the right mirrors can make all the difference. From enhanced visibility to durable construction, the 5 best Polaris Sportsman ATV mirrors listed above are sure to elevate your off-road adventure. So gear up, hit the trails, and ride with confidence knowing you have the best mirrors to guide you every step of the way.