Polaris Sportsman Fender Bags: Your Full Buyer’s Guide

May 14th 2024

Polaris Sportsman Fender Bags: Your Full Buyer’s Guide

Sure, you can toss a pair of shorts and a shirt into any old grocery store bag and head to the gym (gotta do what you gotta do), but that wouldn’t last too long strapped to your Polaris Sportsman fender. Considering the greater need for stability, outdoor-grade material, and more, anyone looking for Polaris Sportsman fender bags that will exceed their expectations and last a long time needs to pay attention to several key points. And wouldn’t ya know, we’ve laid them all out for you in our buyer’s guide. Read on!

Material Quality

It’s simple: If your Polaris Sportsman fender bag isn’t made with water-resistant, weatherproofed material, then just pass it right on by. There’s no reason to settle for anything less in the material department when you have fully offroad-worthy fender bags like these Fabric Fender Bags by Kemimoto to choose from. Made from 1680D water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant cloth (and even lined with water-resistant coating for extra protection), these Kemimoto fender bags are the ultimate example of top material quality.

                                                       A set of Fabric Fender Bags by Kemimoto, installed on a UTV's fender and emboldened against a faded background for emphasis.


Even the most durable Polaris Sportsman fender bag won’t wow you very much if it doesn’t come with convenient features like water bottle or cup holders. Better yet, this Polaris Sportsman Fender Bag from ATV TEK even comes with an electronic shelf, allowing you quick access to your device(s) as well. Remember, there’s nothing picky about demanding features like these with your fender bags - it will only make the options out there better and more competitive!


While storage potential is obviously limited to the dimensions of your Polaris Sportsman fender, a good fender bag will not only have a spacious main compartment, but multiple additional compartments as well to store smaller items like glasses, phones, keys, cards, and so forth. Capacity isn’t much use without the confidence that your items are safe in there, which is why we love these Polaris Sportsman Fender Bags by Kemimoto, offering multiple compartments to keep your items safe.

                                                          A set of Polaris Sportsman Fender Bags by Kemimoto, installed on a Polaris Sportsman


Even if you don’t anticipate much night time driving in your Polaris Sportsman, our philosophy is that it can never hurt to add as much visibility as you can. We applaud Polaris Sportsman fender bags and any other accessory that comes with reflective strips or other lighting solutions to address this all-important factor at all times. Whether it’s inclement daytime whether or night driving, fender bags with reflective strips can seriously improve your visibility to others.

Ease of Use

We might give more intensive upgrades a tiny bit of wiggle room when it comes to lengthier installation times because of the major payoff they provide, but fender bags should absolutely not take a long time to install. In fact, if any tools at all are required, we tend to look elsewhere (maybe not a hard deal breaker, but an orange flag). Also, look for Polaris Sportsman fender bags that have quick release straps.