The Best ATV Rear Lounger Options and How to Choose

Jan 16th 2024

The Best ATV Rear Lounger Options and How to Choose

Whether you’re more of a hobbyist puttering along with friends or tackling a laundry list of chores on your property every day, having the right accessories for your Polaris Sportsman ATV can make a world of difference. One way to completely overhaul the experience for the better is to install a high-quality rear lounger, but how can you tell the real deal from inferior products? Adding functionality, comfort, and storage capabilities, these ATV rear loungers by Kolpin Powersports and Tamarack were carefully picked by our team of seasoned ATV nerds to provide the ultimate riding experience.

Polaris Sportsman ATV Trunk & Lounger by Kolpin Powersports

The Kolpin Powersports ATV Trunk & Lounger is more than just a storage unit—it's a comfortable seat that your passengers just might fight over (Shotgun! Well, kind of). With a substantial 31-gallon (117-liter) storage capacity, this trunk-lounger combo is perfect for Polaris Sportsman riders seeking versatility and ample space. The seamless hinge and gutter design ensure that your cargo remains dry and dust-free, even on the most rugged trails.

Equipped with heavy-duty rubber draw latches, integrated padlock holes, and removable no-slip seat pads, this lounger combines both convenience and security without compromising overall durability. Speaking of, the rugged mounting tie-downs and U-bolt mounting kit also provide flexibility of installation, catering to various mounting preferences. Its dimensions of 40-3/4” L x 28” W x 17” H ensure a compatible fit for most vehicles.

Polaris Sportsman Titan Series Luxury Lounger by Tamarack

What, you thought “posh” was out of the question while bumbling along dirt trails? Well, prepare to be enlightened, as the Tamarack Titan Series Luxury Lounger will provide your passengers with a surprisingly comfortable and stylish ride in any circumstances. This seat-and-storage combination offers unparalleled comfort with a 5-inch padded seat, padded backrest, and molded-in handgrips. Despite its luxurious feel, this lounger doesn't compromise on durability, featuring water-tight, dust-resistant, key-lockable storage under both armrests, ensuring the safety of your tools and other essentials.

Crafted to rugged quality standards in the USA, this universal-fit lounger is compatible with all tubular racks. With its steel powder-coated latches, this lounger guarantees long-lasting toughness. Its overall dimensions of 34 1/2" w. x 15 1/2" h. x 21" d. ensure a generous storage capacity while maintaining comfort and style.

                                    A Titan Series Luxury Lounger (not attached to a vehicle) against a blank background.

Polaris Sportsman Touring Titan Series Deluxe LED Lounger by Tamarack

We’re doubling down on the “glam, but with functionality” angle once again with the Tamarack Titan Series Deluxe LED Lounger. This premium lounger box boasts innovative features such as a built-in LED tail/brake light, neoprene padded hand grips with integrated wind protectors, and ample space for cargo. The Tamarack Titan Deluxe Lounger Box is thoughtfully designed with a dedicated area behind the seat to accommodate a 1.25-gallon gas can or other necessary items.

The Kwik-Tab closures ensure quick lid securing, while the key-lockable latch adds an extra layer of security. Optional heated hand grips and heated seat cushions elevate comfort to unmatched levels, making this lounger a luxurious addition to your ATV.

                                          An image of the Titan Series Deluxe LED Lounger (not attached to a vehicle) against a blank background

How to Choose the Best ATV Rear Lounger for You

Consider Your Needs: Evaluate your storage requirements, comfort preferences, and the specific features that matter most to you, such as lockable compartments or padded seats.

Confirm Compatibility: Ensure the chosen lounger is compatible with your Polaris Sportsman ATV model. Check dimensions and installation requirements beforehand.

Durability is Key: You’re in the elements! Look for robust materials, weather-resistant designs, and reliable locking mechanisms to ensure longevity.

Additional Features: Consider extras like LED lights, padded armrests, or customizable add-ons that enhance convenience and luxury during rides.

Investing in the right ATV rear lounger can significantly enhance your Polaris Sportsman riding experience. Whether prioritizing comfort, storage, or a blend of both, these top-quality accessories from Kolpin Powersports and Tamarack can totally change the way you and your passengers ride.