The Benefits of Buying a Snow Plow for your Polaris Sportsman

Oct 20th 2023

The Benefits of Buying a Snow Plow for your Polaris Sportsman

As a Polaris Sportsman owner, you already appreciate the versatility and ruggedness of this ATV. But did you know you can extend its functionality even further with a snow plow? Below, we discuss why a snow plow is a worthy investment and the options you have when purchasing.

Benefits of a Snow Plow:

  • Efficiency and Convenience: A snow plow equipped on your Polaris Sportsman offers an efficient and convenient way to clear driveways, paths, or roads during winter months. No need for heavy shoveling or expensive snow removal services.
  • Versatility: With a snow plow, your ATV becomes a year-round machine, not just for warm weather adventures.
  • Safety: Clearing paths can prevent accidents due to slipping on snow or ice.
  • Cost-Effective: While there is an upfront cost, a snow plow pays for itself by reducing the need for professional snow removal services.

Purchasing Options

  • Plow Blades: The most critical part of a snow plow kit is the blade. They come in various widths and are made from steel or polyethylene. Steel is more durable, but poly blades are lighter and less likely to scratch surfaces.
  • Mounting Systems: The mounting system is what attaches the snow plow to your ATV. You have two primary options: a front mount, which provides better ground clearance, or a mid-mount system, which can offer more stability.
  • Manual or Hydraulic Lift: Manual lifts are more affordable and involve a lever that you operate to lift or lower the blade. Hydraulic lifts, on the other hand, allow you to control the blade with a switch.
  • Straight or V-Plow: Straight plows are the standard and work well for most snow conditions. V-plows can make the job quicker and easier in heavy or deep snow situations, as the V shape cuts through snow more effectively.
  • Angle Adjustment: Some plows offer the ability to adjust the angle of the blade to better direct the snow. This feature can be manual or hydraulic.


A snow plow for your Polaris Sportsman is not just a purchase; it's an investment into turning your ATV into a year-round, versatile machine. It's an accessory that offers efficiency, convenience, safety, and cost-saving benefits, making it a great addition to your Polaris Sportsman. As for options, consider the type of plow blade, mounting system, lifting system, and whether you want straight or V-plow and angle adjustment functionality.