Everything You Need To Know About Polaris Sportsman Clutch Kits

Feb 27th 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Polaris Sportsman Clutch Kits

The factory clutching on stock Polaris Sportsman ATVs are almost perfect right out of the box, and by adjusting the torsion settings on the secondary clutch spring, you can fine tune the tension so that you’re able to spin heavier tires. There are some instances, however, when you’ll want things that a stock clutch simply cannot provide – and this is where aftermarket Polaris Sportsman clutch kits come into the picture. But why would you want a clutch kit, what kind of components do clutch kits consist of, and which type of clutch kit works best for which applications? Well, brace yourself and hold on tight, because these are the questions we’re about to get into!

Why Get A Polaris Sportsman Clutch Kit?

Although some Polaris Sportsman clutch kits do help with clutch / belt longevity, the main reason why most riders choose to install a clutch kit is for performance gains. Some clutch kits will raise your machine's engagement, which will give it a more powerful launch. But instead of the lazy feeling of a higher-RPM engagement, you might want a lower / quicker engagement if you’re looking to get your tires spinning faster. Basically, if you want either a quick snap on the low end, more top speed on the high end, smoother engagements, or the ability to turn hefty aftermarket tires, a Polaris Sportsman clutch kit is the right product for you!

What Do Clutch Kits Include?

There are three basic components that a Polaris Sportsman clutch kit comprises: a clutch spring, clutch weights, and a clutch helix. A clutch kit that includes a stiffer spring will allow the clutch to engage at later RPMs, while heavier clutch weights allow for stronger / harder engagements to prevent slipping while running bigger tires. The helix, meanwhile, holds the secondary for longer, which keeps your machine in a lower gear ratio for an extended period of time. Although clutch kits with these kinds of components will cause your machine to accelerate slower, they will give it a peppy on-and-off-the-throttle response, and it’ll feel like it’s revving higher – just like it does when you’re in low. By calibrating the stiffness of the clutch spring, the mass of the clutch weights, and the geometry of the clutch helix, you can optimize your clutch system to both the type of riding you do, as well as the size / weight of your tires and rims.

What Is The Best Polaris Sportsman Clutch Kit?

Like with most things in life, there's no one-size-fits-all solution to ATV clutches. You can get a clutch kit that gives you better grab at the bottom end, or you can get a clutch kit that gives you more speed on the top end, but not both. A clutch kit geared for mud riding might not be appropriate for fast-pace trail riding, and a clutch kit designed for speed may not be the best for working around the yard. Many companies (such as RVS, EPI, Dalton, and QSC) make different styles of clutch kits for different styles of riding.

You can get EPI clutch kits that come with both a low-torque spring and a mid-range spring. The low-torque spring will make your quad a wheelie-pulling monster in High, while the mid-range spring will give you better gas mileage and a great throttle response between 25-55 MPH – and still allow for wheelies, only in Low. EPI’s Sport Unity clutch kit includes a third spring for those who want something in between more low-end torque and more speed.

The EPI Mudder clutch kit is another option, which will make it to where there’s a delay in throttle response. This might sound like a bad thing, but it’s exactly what you want when you’re riding through thick mud. EPI also sells Polaris Sportsman clutch puller tools and Polaris Sportsman spring compression tools, which makes the installation process a walk in the park.

Where EPI is known for offering clutch kits with different spring stiffnesses, RVS is known for offering Trail clutch kits and Mud clutch kits with adjustable weights and variable-thickness shims. With bigger tires and a thin shim, your clutch engagement will feel a bit spongy. But this can be nice, as it allows you to ease into it and keep everything nice and smooth. Plus, because they’re adjustable, you can tweak your RVS clutch kit for max performance after installing larger tires.

Like the other guys, Dalton also makes clutch kits for the Polaris Sportsman with adjustable-weight flywheels and springs of various stiffnesses. But as far as helix options go, Dalton clutch kits take the cake. The firm specializes in clutches, and they put their years of experience into each of their clutch-related products. And if you don’t need a complete clutch kit, they offer standalone clutch parts like springs and weights!

Closing Thoughts On Polaris Sportsman Clutches

Aside from the aforementioned clutch kits, the ones by MCB Performance and Quad Shop Customs have also received good reviews from riders. But regardless of whether you’re wanting a clutch that’ll pull harder on 28” tires in peanut butter mud, or if you want to go from not doing wheelies to doing wheelies in your 450 H.O, let us know what you hope to achieve and we’ll hook you up with the perfect clutch kit for the job!