Are you tired of getting stuck in the mud or struggling with a heavy load on your Polaris Sportsman Touring XP 1000, 570, or 850? 

It’s finally time to stop worrying as we have the perfect solution to all your problems- Polaris Sportsman Touring Winches!

Our range of winches includes quick-mount winches, steel cable winches, synthetic rope winches, and wireless winches, all of which can be easily mounted to your Sportsman Touring.

We also offer nylon straps, winch mounting plates, and many other accessories to ensure a seamless installation. 

Our winches come in various sizes ranging from 2000 lbs to 12000 lbs, making them suitable for all types of off-road activities. Shop our collection now and discover the difference!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Touring Winches

Winch Load Capacity

Polaris Sportsman Touring Winches come in a variety of load capacities. From smaller capacities of 2000lbs to mid-range capacities of 3500lbs, all the way up to heavy-duty winches capable of pulling loads of 12000lbs, there's a winch for every type of situation.

Considering the fact that the Polaris Sportsman Touring weighs around 700 lbs dry, you shouldn’t experience any problems even with a comparably lower tires winch of around 2,000 lbs.

However, it’s always best to go for a higher number as such winches are more durable and are usually better at winching no matter the weight.

If you are usually riding in a group, it would also be a good idea to have a winch that is able to pull twice the weight of the heaviest vehicle in your group, just to be 100% sure.

Electric vs Hydraulic Winches

Electric winches are typically more popular and come in a variety of sizes and capacities, ranging from 2500 lbs to 12000 lbs. 

They are often more affordable and easier to install than hydraulic winches, making them a top choice for many off-road enthusiasts. On the other hand, hydraulic winches provide more power and are able to handle heavier loads, making them ideal for heavy-duty work. 

Be that as it may, hydraulic winches typically tap into our power steering system hydraulics to draw power from which can be a problem if something goes wrong.

For most Polaris Sportsman Touring applications, there is no need for anything else besides a decent electric winch.


Generally, there are two main Polaris Sportsman Touring winch rope options - steel rope and synthetic rope.

Steel rope is commonly used due to its strength, durability, affordability, and ability to handle heavy loads, especially in rough terrains. 

Synthetic rope, on the other hand, is made with materials like Kevlar or polypropylene, making it stronger and lighter than steel rope.

However, it is sometimes not as durable and can be prone to fraying if not cared for properly. 

Newer synthetic ropes have been developed to be stronger, but it's important to consider the intended use of the rope when selecting a type since synthetic ropes may not be suitable for heavier loads or harsher conditions.

Mounting Locations and Durability

The mounting location for winches on Polaris Sportsman Touring ATVs may vary depending on the year and model of your specific Sportsman.

Some common mounting locations include the front bumper, the rear receiver hitch, and under the front or rear rack. However, the exact mounting location may also depend on the specific winch being used.

Lastly, you should also focus on durability as you want a winch that is going to be able to do its job for many years to come.

To make that happen, you ought to look for durability features such as reinforced construction, study mounting plates, high-end materials such as steel, aluminum, cast, or billet, and strong connection points.