Winch Accessories

Welcome to the ultimate Polaris Sportsman Touring Winch Accessories shop category for all your Polaris Sportsman Touring XP 1000, 570, 850, and other models!

We know how hardworking you are, and that's why we offer the widest range of working-man-tested winch accessories for every occasion. Looking for handlebar winch switches, winch hooks, rubber stoppers, synthetic ropes, or wiring packs? 

Look no further, we've got you covered! We also offer fairlead mounts, snatch blocks, remote controllers, winch clevis hooks, winch covers, harnesses, receiver winch mount plates, winch stoppers, nylon straps, contactors, and solenoids - everything you need to get the job done right.

Don't settle for anything less than the best - shop our selection of Polaris Sportsman Touring Winch Accessories designed to fit the Polaris Sportsman Touring like a glove!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Touring Winch Accessories

Your Needs

Your specific needs play an essential role in determining which winch accessories you ought to go for.

For instance, an off-road enthusiast looking for a synthetic rope over a traditional wire rope may appreciate the lighter weight, rust-resistant, and safer form of slack should the rope snap or break. 

Similarly, a winch stopper can prevent damage to your winch hook and rope, while a snatch block increases your winching capacity.

Furthermore, a receiver winch mount plate may provide greater flexibility in mounting multiple accessories, including winches. 

The idea here is to value your options according to what you actually need. Try to find “weak spots” within your setup and try to compensate those with some of these Polaris Sportsman Touring winch accessories.

Functionality, Safety, and Adjustability

Polaris Sportsman Touring winch accessories, just like winches, must be functional, safe, and adjustable to provide maximum effectiveness when used both on and off the road.

They can come in various forms, including synthetic ropes or traditional wire cables, winch covers for protection against harsh environmental elements, and reliable snatch blocks or fairlead mounts for increased winching capacity. 

When choosing winch accessories, consider their functionality, as they must match the specific requirements. 

Safety is also an important factor to consider while selecting accessories, and features such as winch stoppers and clevis hooks are valuable additions to ensure that any mishaps or failures are minimized. 

Lastly, adjustability is critical when choosing winch accessories, as they must be able to fit different winch models and connect to different anchoring points in various weather conditions.

What Are the Best Polaris Sportsman Towing Winch Accessories?

Roller Fairleads

A Polaris Sportsman Touring roller fairlead features several rollers that allow the rope or cable to move smoothly whilst minimizing the amount of friction damage that might occur. This will safeguard your setup and will make the entire winching process smoother and more precise.

Handlebar Winch Switches

A handlebar winch switch allows you to control your winch via your handlebars which adds practicality, convenience, and nice design. This will allow you to ride your Polaris Sportsman Touring while winching but be sure to be careful either way.

Remote Control Winch Operators

For those who want to be as far as possible from the winch, a remote control is a perfect accessory. These handy little devices will allow you to control your Polaris Sportsman Touring winch from a safe distance.

Snatch Blocks

Polaris Sportsman Touring winch snatch blocks are devices used in conjunction with a winch to help increase its pulling power and provide a greater degree of control in vehicle recovery situations.

Replacement Lines

Even though we at Everything Polaris Sportsman only offer strong and durable lines, nothing is forever. That is why you should always have a replacement rope/line with you, no matter where you go.