Welcome to our Polaris Sportsman Touring Tires category where you will find the perfect set of tires to enhance your Sportsman's performance on all surfaces.

Whether you own a Polaris Sportsman Touring XP 1000, 570, or 850, our tire collection provides a wide range of options suitable for every Sportsman model out there.

We carry sand, mud, street, off-road, radial, and 8-ply tires, each tailored to meet the requirements of different terrains. We offer a variety of sizes, both front and rear, whether you're looking for all-trail or something more specialized for your sportsman's needs.

Get yourself the very best Polaris Sportsman Touring Tires you can get at Everything Polaris Sportsman today and experience what a proper set of rubber can do!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Touring Tires

Tire Type and Size

Whether you plan on riding in terrains consisting of sand, mud, pavement, hard surfaces, or a versatile all-terrain type, selecting tires engineered with the best tread patterns and rubber compounds for the specified terrain is something that can not be overstated.

Appropriate tire size is also crucial to ensure proper fitment, maintain ground clearance, and avoid any clearance or interference issues. 

All Polaris Sportsman Touring models come with specific tire size specifications varying in diameter, width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter, which should be considered when picking the ideal tire size.

Not selecting the appropriate tire size for your Polaris Sportsman Touring could result in adverse effects affecting performance and jeopardizing safe operation on all surfaces. 

We at Everything Polaris Sportsman offer all kinds of tires, including street tires, mud tires, sand tires, all-trail tires, etc.

Tire sizes typically range between 25 inches in diameter and 27 inches in diameter, depending on your model and where you plan on taking it.

Construction and Ply-Rating

You should also consider the construction and ply rating when choosing tires for your Polaris Sportsman Touring. 

The construction refers to the tire's internal construction and can be bias-ply or radial. Bias-ply tires are known for their robustness and durability, while radial tires offer a smoother ride and better traction. 

Ply-rating, on the other hand, indicates the tire's strength and resistance to punctures. Higher ply-rated tires, such as 6-ply or 8-ply, provide increased durability and sidewall protection. 

Going for a high ply rating is generally recommended for off-road Polaris Sportsman Touring builds as these tires will be able to tackle obstacles without any issues.

Tread Pattern, Maintenance, Longevity

Polaris Sportsman Touring tires with aggressive tread patterns are engineered with deep lugs to deliver maximum grip on loose terrains like mud, snow, or gravel. 

Be that as it may, they may perform poorly on hard surfaces and produce more noise and wear out faster. Smoother tread patterns are suitable for street or general trail riding since they offer a quieter and smoother ride. 

It is also crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's recommended tire pressure and tire rotation to ensure they are neither overinflated nor underinflated. Overinflated tires may limit traction on uneven terrains, while underinflated tires tend to wear unevenly and affect overall handling.

Factors that affect tire longevity include riding style, terrain, and tire quality. Softer rubber compounds offer better traction but wear out quicker. 

Harder compounds last longer but may relinquish a bit of grip. Lastly, inspecting for damage, including cuts, bulges, or other tire deformities, is always advisable.