Storage Boxes and Seats

Dive into a world of adventure with our premium selection of Polaris Sportsman Touring Storage Boxes and Seats designed exclusively for your Polaris Sportsman Touring XP 1000, 850, and 570!

Transform your riding experience with our selection of trunk loungers, offering unmatched comfort and support on every journey. Discover the perfect balance of functionality and style with our wrap-around quad trunks, slip-on seat covers, and gear and cooler bags. 

Explore our wide range of quad trunks, coolers, cooler bags, toolboxes, and racks, ensuring you're equipped for any expedition at any time!

Enjoy your adventures to the max with our durable and versatile Polaris Sportsman Touring storage boxes and seats!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Touring Storage Boxes and Seats

Storage Box and Seat Type

When it comes to finding the perfect storage solution for your ATV, you can't go wrong with Trunk Loungers and Wrap-Around Quad Trunks as these innovative storage boxes provide ample storage space while also doubling as comfortable seating options.

This is particularly useful for long rides, as these types of boxes offer a refreshing spot to take a break and relax which means that these are so comfortable that people use them to relax even when not riding.

Additionally, Quad Trunks provide convenient access to your gear and equipment by efficiently wrapping around the rear portion of your ATV while providing multiple compartments. 

These trunks will aid in your overall practicality and will allow you to transport your gear safely.

For added comfort and protection, consider Slip-On Seat Covers, which are available in various styles and materials and provide a custom fit. 

Lastly, if you want maximum chill, Rear Loungers are the way to go. With their spacious seating and additional storage compartments, they are perfect for those who love to spend hours on their Polaris Sportsman Touring.

Storage Capacity, Comfort, Ergonomics

It’s also a very good idea to opt for storage boxes with ample capacity to accommodate your gear securely, keeping your essentials organized and easily accessible during rides. 

Features like cushioning, adjustable backrests, and armrests are also very welcome for Polaris Sportsman Touring seats.

A comfortable seat ensures a pleasant riding experience and reduces fatigue during long journeys. You shouldn’t compromise on ergonomics either, as it plays a vital role in maintaining proper posture and reducing strain on your body. 

Safety, Build Materials, Durability

Durable storage boxes and seats will ensure they last for a long time, providing reliable performance on your Polaris Sportsman Touring adventures. 

Therefore, prioritize strong, reinforced fabrics, heavy-duty zippers, weather-proof designs, and tear-proof liners.

Additionally, look for safety features such as robust locking mechanisms to keep your belongings secure while riding. Check for product certifications or safety standards compliance to ensure an even higher level of safety.