Nerf Bars

Level up your off-road adventures with our collection of Polaris Sportsman Touring Nerf Bars, no matter if you're cruising on a Sportsman Touring XP 1000, 570, or 850, these durable accessories enhance your ride with unbeatable protection and style!

Our selection of heavy-duty nerf bars are designed for demanding terrain and offers enhanced defense against obstacles. With easy installation, you can quickly upgrade your ATV's functionality and style. 

Trust in the robust build materials to withstand challenging conditions while providing reliable support and defense for your Sportsman Touring!

Get ready for the excitement of off-road exploration with our sleek and functional nerf bars tailored to fit your Polaris Sportsman Touring like a hand fits a glove! Order yours today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Touring Nerf Bars?

Protection and Coverage

To ensure a safe and thorough protection of your Polaris Sportsman Touring while exploring off-road terrains, it's crucial to consider several factors when purchasing nerf bars. 

One of the primary considerations is the level of coverage offered by the nerf bars as it's recommended to look for nerf bars that provide substantial shielding for the sides of your vehicle to protect against potential damage from branches, rocks, and other off-road obstacles.

Additionally, the size of the nerf bars is critical in providing ample coverage and protection. It's essential to select nerf bars that are both wide and tall enough to create a protective barrier for your ATV's vulnerable areas. 

A robust design provides reliable protection for your vehicle, helping to shield it from potential damage and maintain its performance. 

All in all, selecting high-quality nerf bars that prioritize protection and coverage can give you the ability to explore without worrying about causing any damage.


In addition to providing protection, superior Polaris Sportsman Touring nerf bars offer enhanced functionality with certain handy features.

Look for nerf bars that incorporate integrated steps, allowing for easier and more convenient access to your ATV. These steps provide a stable platform, making it effortless to climb onto and dismount from your Sportsman Touring. 

Some nerf bars even come with built-in grab handles, providing additional support and stability when maneuvering on uneven terrain. 

These functional features not only improve accessibility but also enhance the overall riding experience. 

Build Materials and Durability

Your choice of materials can make all the difference which is exactly why you need to go for nerf bars constructed from high-quality materials like robust steel or durable aluminum.

These materials ensure long-lasting performance and withstand the stresses that come with off-roading.

The sturdiness of the nerf bars contributes to their durability, providing reliable protection on all sides.

Additionally, consider features such as corrosion resistance and weatherproof coatings, which enhance the longevity of the nerf bars.