Welcome to our cutting-edge Polaris Sportsman Touring Communications shop category, where we provide the latest communication technologies and accessories to help you stay connected and safe on your Polaris Sportsman Touring XP 1000, 570, or 850!

Our innovative product range includes everything from smartphone holders, communications bundles and kits, microphones, and batteries, to helmet kits, harnesses, wires, earbuds, and headphones, giving you complete and reliable control over your communications system. 

Whether you prefer push-to-talk devices, handheld radios, or long-range antennas, our products are designed for ultimate convenience and flexibility. 

With these products, you can go beyond traditional communications and try out something new! Order yours today and never look back!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Touring Communications?

Types of Comms and What You Need

Before spending your hard-earned money, you should first think about what you need and what kind of communication setup is going to be best for you.

Handheld radios provide portable and short-range communication, perfect for group rides or off-road adventures while intercom systems facilitate clear communication between riders within the same group.

Smartphone holders offer secure mounting for your phone, allowing easy access to communication apps and navigation features while helmet kits with speakers, microphones, and wiring enable hands-free communication while wearing a helmet. 

Antennas can improve signal reception and extend the range of handheld radios, ensuring better communication in remote areas. 

Push-to-talk systems provide quick and effortless communication with a single button press which is why these have always been very popular with Polaris Sportsman Touring enthusiasts.

Functionality and Features

Every good Polaris Sportsman Touring communications setup is going to come with loads of convenient features which are going to make the entire ordeal much simpler and easier to understand.

As such, look for hands-free operation features like voice activation or push-to-talk functionality, allowing you to communicate without distractions. 

Noise cancellation technology can ensure clear communication even in noisy environments, especially if these are compatible with your existing devices and accessories, such as helmets or mobile devices.

Integration with mobile devices can enhance convenience and connectivity and can often be the only thing you need for reliable communications,

Other notable features include integration with GPS systems, audio streaming, voice guidance, noise reduction microphones, wireless capabilities, and even AI assistance. 

Range, Build Materials, Quality, Durability

First, evaluate the range capabilities to ensure that the equipment meets your communication needs, whether it's short-range communication within a group or long-range communication for remote areas.

Secondly, assess the build materials and quality of the equipment to ensure durability and reliability in rugged off-road conditions, especially if you are using wired, old-school setups with your Polaris Sportsman Touring.

Go with products made from high-quality materials that can withstand impact, vibration, and exposure to elements, most notably, water.

Lastly, prioritize durability to ensure that the communication equipment can withstand the demands of your ATV adventures. 

Other convenient features such as replacement parts, cable management systems, and comfortable and secure helmet mounts are always welcome.