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From axle replacements and off-road axles to high-performance upgrades, our selection boasts heavy-duty and OEM-quality axles, rear axles, front axles, left or right axles, or axle shafts with robust CV joints and bearings, we have you covered at all fronts!

Our axle kits come complete with all the necessary components, including boots and retaining clips, ensuring a hassle-free installation process that can be done in no time!

Don't compromise on performance and safety - choose from our wide range of axle accessories and upgrades to keep your Polaris Sportsman Touring at peak performance!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Touring Axles?

Axle Kits vs Upgrading Front and Rear Axles Separately

Buying a Polaris Sportsman touring axle kit typically includes both front and rear axles in a single package which can be convenient since you don't have to search for and purchase each axle separately.

An axle kit is also compatible with the existing Sportsman platform and all of the hardware that comes with the kit, all of which saves you time, effort, and even money.

If you want a predictable and balanced setup, an axle kit is going to be the better choice for you.

On the other hand, upgrading your axles separately allows you to fine-tune your setup to make it 100% your own.

If you are experienced with building Sportsmans, you are likely going to prefer this route as it allows you to target upgrades where you want them the most while not having to upgrade everything all at once. 

On-Road vs Off-Road Axle Upgrades

On-road axle upgrades focus on enhancing stability, smoothness, and control during paved road or light trail riding with your Polaris Sportsman Touring.

These axles and axle accessories often prioritize comfort and reduced vibration for a more enjoyable on-road experience while a true off-road axle upgrade prioritizes strength, durability, and performance in rugged terrains. 

They are designed to withstand the increased stress and impact that off-road riding can impose on the axles. 

Heavy-duty construction, reinforced components, and improved articulation are common features of off-road axles, ensuring they can handle the demands of rough trails, obstacles, and aggressive riding.

If you primarily ride on-road or encounter light off-road conditions, an on-road axle upgrade might be suitable. 

However, if you frequently tackle challenging off-road trails or engage in aggressive riding, investing in off-road-specific axles is recommended to ensure optimal performance, durability, and reliability during your off-road adventures.

CV Joint Types, Build Materials, Durability

To truly enhance the performance of your Polaris Sportsman Touring axles, upgrading your CV joints is indeed essential.

When making a selection, consider the different types of CV joints that are available, the materials from which they are constructed, and their overall durability. 

Upgraded CV joints may be offered in various forms, including OEM-style or heavy-duty, with each providing different strength and performance levels.

Opting for heavy-duty CV joints and other axle components, especially when navigating demanding terrain, can extend the lifespan of your axle components but will not give you the best on-road comfort experience.

Robust materials, such as chromoly steel, aluminum, billet, or other strong alloys, also contribute significantly to the durability of your axle setup, making them sturdy enough to handle the harsh conditions encountered off-road.

Lastly, ensure that the axle and its components are designed to withstand exposure to various weather conditions, such as moisture, mud, and dust.