Don't let heavy loads or tough terrain stand in your way – our winches give you supreme pulling power to navigate out of any sticky situation effortlessly. Whether towing a small cart or truck or extracting your buddy's vehicles from the mud - no job is too difficult when you're equipped with a good winch! These Polaris Sportsman winches are available for different Sportsman models and offer serious pulling power when installed, correctly accessorized, and used as should. Shop now on our website and prepare to take on anything the trails throw at you!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Winches?

Our concise guide below highlights the factors you should consider when shopping for a new Polaris winch kit. 

Pulling capacity

Winches are often categorized according to their size rating/pulling capacity, which is also influenced by your vehicle's tow rating. For the Polaris Sportsman, you'll find several Polaris Sportsman winches that are under the recommended 3500 lbs size rating for high-end models. You can choose to go with the more common 1500 lbs size rating if you have a regular Sportsman; it should handle your basic winching needs.

Type of winch & motor

You can choose either a hydraulic or electric winch for your Polaris Sportsman. However, most winches you'll find on the market as you shop are electric. The motor on electric winches can either be a series wound or a permanent magnetic motor, of which the latter is most preferred.

Winch cable & length

Another important consideration is the winch cable or rope. You can't just use any rope or cable for your winch, as synthetic ropes are undeniably the best cable materials. Most manufacturers now ship their winches with synthetic cables. While you check out the various synthetic cables, also take note of the length of the cable. For most people, the default length that comes with the winch should be more than enough. You should get a winch rope extender if you need more cable length. 

Mounting & safety features

Properly mounting your winch is also a vital task you must carry out. Get the right winch mounts if your winch doesn't come with any, and ensure they are firmly attached to your Polaris Sportsman. Mounting locations can be in the front or rear of your Sportsman. Safety features like emergency stop mechanisms, locks, etc., are also necessary to ensure safety during usage.

Winch controllers and accessories 

Your winch can either be remotely or manually controlled. The remote-controlled models are often slightly costlier than their direct-controlled counterparts. Both will work just fine. Remember accessories like wire harnesses, adapters, winch battery chargers, anchors, isolators, covers, etc.

Winches can help you immensely to move things to where you want them to be within the confines of the weight limit. Shop from our collection of the best Polaris Sportsman winches now!