Turn Signal & Horn Kits

Get ready for safer rides on your Polaris Sportsman with these turn signals & horn kits that allow you to be proactive with safety on and off the road. With these Polaris Sportsman turn signal kits, you’ll be seen clearly, while the horn kit ensures you’re heard. This all-inclusive, easy-to-install kit includes everything you need for the setup, including wiring harnesses and hardware. They are lightweight, and you can easily install them on different Sportsman models. So if you’re in the market for a Polaris XP 1000 turn signal kit or any Sportsman model, this is for you. Grab it!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Turn Signal & Horn Kits?

The turn signal & horn kits you choose should include everything you need for installation and usage, including wiring harnesses, hardware, and an instruction manual. It should contain your front and rear turn signals, a horn button, steering column controls, color-coded wires, etc.


Another important consideration is installation. How easy will installing the Polaris Sportsman turn signal & horn kits be? Most of these kits should come with installation instructions, making installation fairly straightforward. You should also purchase the plug-and-play kits for a stress-free installation although they may be a tad expensive.


Ensure that the turn signal & horn kit you buy is compatible with your Polaris Sportsman model. Not all kits are designed to work with every type of Polaris Sportsman, so check before buying. With the right kit, you should have a system that works on your Sportsman.

The type of horn

The type of horn in the kit is another item you should consider. With most Polaris Sportsman turn signal & horn kits, you can expect a mechanical or electronic air-horn system. Electronic air horns are usually louder and more reliable than mechanical horns. 

Having the right turn signal & horn kit on your Polaris Sportsman can boost your safety. With our kits, you can be seen and heard, allowing other road users to know your intentions. Shop now!