Storage Boxes and Seats

Check out our collection of the best Polaris Sportsman Storage Boxes with Seats! These boxes are solid and rugged, so they'll survive the rough terrains while providing you with comfortable seating for another passenger. And that's just the start of their features, as some include water-resistant lids to keep your items dry, adjustable compartments and pockets to customize storage needs, backrests to support the lower back during those great outdoor moments, and more! Enjoy our ultimate hassle-free solution to make your next outdoor trip as convenient as possible. Get a Polaris Sportsman Storage Box with a Seat today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Storage Boxes and Seats?

Having sufficient storage space and comfortable seating when traveling is a luxury most Polaris Sportsman owners want to have. That's where the Polaris Sportsman storage boxes and seats come into play. These storage box seats are designed to fit different Sportsman models, including the 450, 500, 570, 850, etc., and offer ample space to store various things. Here are some tips for getting the best as you shop.

Storage size & features

Before buying:

  1. Ensure the storage box is big enough to store most of your items.

  2. Consider what you intend to keep in the box and if you need to customize the storage space by adjusting the compartments or pockets.

  3. Pay attention to the seat size to deduce if it'll accommodate your potential passengers without discomforting them.

The more comfortable and convenient your storage box is, the more you'll enjoy it. 

If you plan on using the seat for extended periods, look for one with sturdy backrests and, perhaps, adjustable armrests for added comfort.

Durability & waterproofing

Ensure your box is made of solid and durable materials to withstand extreme weather conditions. Additionally, check for water-resistant lids or seals to keep all your gear safe and dry during wetter conditions while on the go. 

Safety features

Finally, check if your box has any safety features, such as reflective trim, to make your ride visible in low-light conditions. Also, look for any additional accessories like straps that you can add to make your load more secure while traveling. Ensure you purchase a quality storage box from a reputable manufacturer.

At Everything Polaris Sportsman, we have everything you need to help you care for your sitting and storage needs. Shop now and explore!