Snorkel Kits

Keep up with wet terrains with these Polaris Sportsman snorkel kits for the Sportsman 110, 450, 500, 570, 850 models, etc. These top-quality "going-deep" snorkel kits are designed to protect your Sportsman and give it peak performance when riding through mud and puddles. They do a good job of keeping the water and debris out, so you don't have to worry about engine damage due to clogged intakes. Plus, they'll significantly reduce the chance of your engine stalling in such treacherous terrain. And installing these kits is easy, too - follow the included instructions, and you'll get back on the trail as soon as possible! Get yours now!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Snorkel Kits?

You should consider getting Polaris Sportsman snorkel kits if you frequently ride under wet conditions. These specialized upgrade sets provide several unique benefits for frequent riders to optimize their ride's intake ability in water-soaked environments. Read on to learn more about them and how to get the best.

Ensure All Kit Components Are Included

The first thing you should check is that all the necessary components are included in your kit. Most kits will consist of a snorkel, riser, air box adapter, bracket, and other mounting and installation parts. These components work together to provide a secure and reliable seal between the engine and the air box to ensure nothing can get inside. If you can find pre-assembled kits, that'd be better. They may, however, be slightly more expensive than the others.

Compatibility With Your Sportsman Model

Ensure the kit you select is compatible with your Polaris Sportsman model. Each snorkel kit will specify which models you can use it on, so read through the product's details carefully before making a purchase. Some kits might require additional components or adapters to work with specific Sportsman models, so check for those. 


Installing a Polaris Sportsman snorkel kit is relatively simple, so that most people can do it themselves with the help of a few essential tools. However, if you're not confident installing the kit correctly, consider hiring a professional.


Look for a snorkel kit with a warranty and maintenance plan. This will help protect your investment against any unexpected issues or defects in the product. Also, read through the manufacturer's instructions on properly maintaining your kit to ensure it stays in good condition for years. 

What Happens If I Don't Use A Snorkel Kit On My Polaris Sportsman?

Not using a snorkel kit when driving in wet areas could expose your engine or other components to damage. By not providing adequate protection from water and mud, you risk clogging up the intakes and other parts with debris, which can cause your engine to stall or make it difficult for it to perform correctly. 

Polaris Sportsman snorkel kits are an essential upgrade for riders needing reliable water and mud protection. Select the suitable kit for your model, install it correctly, and take the necessary steps to keep it well-maintained. Get a snorkel kit for your ride now!