Shocks & Springs

Here's an opportunity for you to minimize the impact of the road bumps with these premium-quality Polaris Sportsman Shocks & Springs. They are designed to provide a smoother and quieter ride no matter how rough the road is. The improved compression damping feature that some of these shocks and springs offer also reduces bouncing around, allowing you to carry heavier loads without sacrificing comfort. Thus you can enjoy longer rides with less fatigue. Get any of the Polaris Sportsman shocks and springs we offer and get a smoother riding experience - shop now!

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What to look out for when buying Polaris Sportsman Shocks & Springs?

Every Polaris Sportsman owner knows that getting good ride comfort from your bike requires suitable shock absorbers and springs. But, with a wide range of products and options available today, trying to find the right one can be intimidating. To help make the decision easier, we'll provide some insight. Read on!

Type of Shock & Spring

The type of shock absorber your Sportsman requires depends on your weight and riding style. For heavier riders, you'll want a heavy-duty shock absorber with a higher spring rate and damping capacity. On the other hand, lighter riders will need a softer spring rate to provide better comfort while accelerating or cornering.

Budget & Brand

Your budget and the brand of shock absorber you choose will also determine how good your ride comfort is. Many of our Polaris Sportsman shocks & springs are designed to provide the best performance while being cost-effective, so don't settle for anything less than what you need. We offer the best springs and shocks from quality brands.


Installing your shocks & springs is a job that requires some technical knowledge. It's best to leave this task to the professionals, as incorrect installation can damage parts or void your warranty. 

How do I know if my Polaris Sportsman's shocks are bad?

It can be difficult to tell if your shocks are worn out. A simple way to check is by pressing down on your seat and observing how your quad reacts. If the bike seems to bounce too much or takes a long time to come back up, you might need to replace the shocks. Other signs include rattling, squeaking, and leaking oil. If you suspect your Polaris Sportsman's shocks require replacement, contact experts for help. 

Whether you're looking for a replacement or an upgrade, the Polaris Sportsman Shocks & Springs we offer are designed to provide superior performance and comfort.