Prop Shafts

The Polaris Sportsman is reliable and durable, thanks to the combined effort of several components. One component that's worth mentioning and deserves excellent attention is the prop shaft. As an essential part of the vehicle's drivetrain system, the propeller shaft transfers power from the transmission to the wheels. Over time, wear and tear may cause it to become unbalanced or develop other issues, potentially damaging other components. Thankfully, we offer the best Polaris Sportsman prop shafts to deliver the right power and torque to your wheels. Upgrade with a set of our Polaris Sportsman Prop Shafts today!

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What to look out for when buying Polaris Sportsman Prop Shafts?

Eliminate the vibrations underneath your Polaris Sportsman and improve its overall performance with these state-of-the-art Polaris Sportsman Prop Shafts. Here are some pointers to remember as you shop. 

Front or Rear Propeller Shaft?

You must ensure you get the right propeller shaft for your Polaris Sportsman, and you should change both the front and the rear shafts at the same time. The rear prop shafts tend to be the ones that suffer more wear and tear due to their connection with the differential, but changing only it may cause uneven operation with the front.

Compatibility With Your Sportsman Model

Many propeller shafts are available for various Polaris Sportsman models and production years. Ensure that you get the right prop shaft for your model so that it fits properly and doesn't cause any problems down the line.

Installation & Warranty

If you lack the right tools or know-how to install the prop shafts, we recommend you get a mechanic to install them. As mentioned earlier, Everything Polaris Sportsman offers the best prop shafts from respected brands. All our prop shafts have an excellent warranty, so you're covered. 

Also, remember to use the correct type of bearings. The wrong kind won't fit properly and can cause more damage to your prop shaft.

Upgrade your Polaris Sportsman vehicle with our high-quality prop shafts designed to last. Get better driving performance from your quad! Shop now!