Pet Accessory

Stop worrying about the safety and comfort of your pets each time you plan to take them on a ride! These fantastic and premium-quality Polaris Sportsman pet accessories will help keep your pet safe on those long bumpy rides. It will ensure you can take them everywhere, from deserts to lakes or mountains, as you let nature be the playground for you both. Don't worry about packing all the extra baggage required, as most of these accessories are easy to attach to different Polaris Sportsman models, including the 110, 450, 570, 850, etc. Get yours now!

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What to look out for when buying Polaris Sportsman Pet Accessory?

Pet Accessory Buying Guide

Having your pets ride with you on each camping trip can be a refreshing moment. And when you attach the right pet accessories to your Polaris Sportsman, you'll make the trip even more pleasant for your pets. Remember these tips in our buying guide below.

Different Accessories For Different Pets.

Different pets have different needs and vary in size and weight. Therefore, ensure that whatever you buy is suitable for your pets. For instance, a portable dog kernel/cage is not ideal for a cat. If you're getting cages, it should allow your pets to move freely without any issues.

Get These Accessories

There are many accessories to get, depending on how many pets you have and the type of pet. You'll need a pet cage/boxes/seats, a leash/harness, pet beds, pet ramps, heat shields, pet backpacks, and much more. 

If you own a dog, consider a dog seat belt which can offer more freedom for your dog to move around. Whatever pet accessory you choose, ensure it's durable enough to withstand extreme weather and terrains.

Make Sure Your Pets Stay Comfortable 

Ensure that your pet stays comfortable during the ride. This way, they'll be more calm on the road, and you'll also have a smoother trip. Look for padding accessories, such as mattresses or cushions, so they can rest when riding. 

Browse our affordable Polaris Sportsman Pet Accessories collection and find a suitable accessory for your pets. Shop now!