Gun Mounts and Boots

Are you weary of struggling to carry your guns while riding? Here are some of the best Polaris Sportsman Gun Mounts and Boots, designed to keep your firearm safe and secure during any outdoor activity. They securely mount to different Polaris Sportsman models like the XP 1000, 850, 110, etc., for easy access when needed. These one-of-a-kind boots for storage are made from high-quality materials, padded properly, and outfitted with a built-in locking system, so you won't have to worry about anyone gaining access to your rifles. Browse and shop from our collection now!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Gun Mounts and Boots?

You need a good gun mount and boot to move your hunting rifles safely on your ride and that’s what these Polaris Sportsman gun mounts and boots will do. With it, you can focus on other activities, knowing that your rifles/firearms are safely attached to your ride and locked to prevent unauthorized access. Consider these shopping tips.

Mounting Location

Consider where you want to place the gun mount and boot. You can choose to have it fixed upfront, on the rear, or on the side of your ride. If you're getting two mounts & boots, install them in a stackable form or on a dual rack. Also, consider the room for installing other accessories and check for any obstructions.

Construction Materials

Check the materials used to construct them. Ensure they are made from robust and waterproof materials. Check for proper padding of the mount/boot to avoid damage to your firearms when in transit.

Locking System & Accessories

Another critical factor is the locking system. Check for the security features of the mount/boot and verify that it has anti-theft protection to keep your weapons safe. Look out for other accessories, such as straps, locks, etc., included in the package to help secure your rifles.

Brands & Warranty

Finally, always go for reliable brands and check if they offer a warranty. Brands like Koplin provide quality products backed by an excellent warranty to ensure your satisfaction. 

With these tips, you can select a suitable gun mount and boot that will fit your Polaris Sportsman. Browse and shop from our collection now!