Engine Performance

We all know that having a reliable, powerful engine is vital to experiencing a smooth ride. That's why we offer the best Polaris Sportsman performance components here at Everything Polaris Sportsman. Each part is manufactured with precision engineering techniques, tested thoroughly under real-world conditions, and backed by a warranty so that you can feel confident knowing that you're making an investment that will give you the best results in your daily usage. Check out our full selection of these engine performance components and pick what you need!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Engine Performance Components?

Before you begin spending on your Polaris Sportsman engine, here are some considerations that'll help you get the best engine performance parts.

Which Parts Do You Need?

You can purchase and install many engine performance parts on your Polaris Sportsman to get more power out of it. 

Engine Tuners: These parts are designed to maximize the performance of your engine by altering its factory settings. The tuning process involves fine-tuning the engine with specific parameters to gain more power, torque, and acceleration.

Air Intakes: Installing an aftermarket air intake system is another way to increase fuel efficiency, horsepower, and overall engine performance on your Polaris Sportsman. The increased airflow created by the air intake produces additional horsepower. 

Exhaust Systems: A performance exhaust system will replace the restrictive factory exhaust and improve airflow for a more powerful ride. It also reduces back pressure, which can lead to decreased performance. 

Turbo and Super Chargers: A turbo or supercharger is a forced induction system that adds more air and fuel to the engine, increasing power. These are popular for those looking for a massive boost in performance. If you race with your Polaris Sportsman, you should consider getting them. 

Clutch Kits: Consider a clutch upgrade if you want increased throttle response and acceleration. It will allow your engine to transfer power more efficiently and make it easier to control. 

Camshafts: Installing a performance camshaft can also help to increase your Polaris Sportsman's power output. This component will alter the timing of your engine's valves and pistons, allowing for more efficient combustion and better performance. 

Big Bore Kits: Big bore kits increase your engine's displacement and power. This is done by enlarging the bore size, allowing more fuel and air to be burned simultaneously. Qualified technicians only do this process, as any slight error can damage the engine.

Cylinder Head Porting: Cylinder head porting is the process of machining and reshaping the interior of your engine's cylinder head. This allows for increased airflow, which translates to more power. It is a time-consuming task that requires specific tools and expertise, so make sure you have it done by a professional. 

These are just some essential components you need to upgrade to increase your engine's performance.


No matter which parts you choose, consult an experienced technician or expert before installing any performance components on your Polaris Sportsman. This will help ensure that you install it correctly and that you have the right parts for your Sportsman model.

With our comprehensive selection of engine performance components, you can find the parts that best suit your needs. Shop now!