Drive Belts

Finding the right drive belt for your vehicle is essential to enjoy maximum performance. That's why we offer these high-quality drive belts designed and tested to fit perfectly in your Polaris Sportsman whether you have the XP 1000, 450, 850, or 570 models. These belts are made from advanced rubber compounds that increase cooling efficiency, improve grip, resist tearing, and reduce noise, so you get the best possible performance. With our belts, you can rest assured that your engine will perform as intended – no matter the terrain or obstacles in front of you. Get your official OEM replacement Polaris Sportsman Drive Belt today – only from us!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Drive Belts?

As you shop for a replacement drive belt, here are a few things you should remember. 

What type of belt are you choosing?

This is an important factor in maximizing your performance. Drive belts are designed to deliver different levels of torque and power, and as such, they're in different sizes and shapes. You'll find flat and V-shaped belts on the market; pick the type that suits your Polaris Sportsman model and have a professional install it.

Installation & Breaking It In 

Another thing you should be careful with is installing the drive belt. It should be done according to the manufacturer's specifications, and you should break it in properly. Breaking it in will help ensure top performance and a longer lifespan of the belt. You can skip the break-in process, but it will shorten the belt's lifespan.

How do I know what size drive belt I need?

The drive belt size you'll need will depend on your Polaris Sportsman model and engine. Consult your owner's manual for assistance in selecting the appropriate size. The length of a drive belt matters; don't allow any technician to tell you otherwise. The numbers on a drive belt indicate its length in inches and millimeters. This is why you should consult the manufacturer's manual to determine what size of belt your engine needs. 

At Everything Polaris Sportsman, we encourage you to shop with us now if you need reliable performance and top-notch quality Polaris Sportsman Drive Belts.