Carrier Bearings

Don't let rough terrain slow you down! With these carrier bearings, you’ll experience increased acceleration & stability on any trail. These state-of-the-art Polaris Sportsman carrier bearings can take your riding experience to a new level! They are specifically engineered for the Polaris Sportsman 110, 450, 570, 850, etc., and their design ensures smoother suspension transfer over bumps. And with their corrosion-resistant coating and high-quality steel construction, there's no need to worry about short-term wear & tear even in challenging weather conditions. Ensure your vehicle always performs its best by upgrading to these aftermarket Carrier Bearings today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Carrier Bearings?

To get better driving performance from your Polaris Sportsman, the carrier bearings are one of the parts you should always take care of. These bearings help ensure smooth and efficient power transfer to the wheels, allowing optimal handling and control on any terrain. Consider these tips as you shop.

Shop From Reputable Brands

It would be best if you didn't buy a carrier bearing from everyone that makes one. Make sure you purchase from a reliable, reputable brand to ensure your bearings are of the highest quality and will last long. Thankfully, we’ve got some of the best bearings from top-notch brands.

Check Specifications & Compatibility

Double-check the specifications and compatibility of the carrier bearing you choose. Ensure they fit the model and year of your Polaris Sportsman correctly, as this will ensure a proper and stable installation. 

Installation & Pricing

Installing carrier bearings is straightforward for the initiated but not for the DIY newbies. After checking that the bearing is compatible with your vehicle, you can begin the installation process if you have the knowledge. Ensure to follow instructions regarding proper torque settings or other requirements for installation. Alternatively, you should seek professional help for installation. Remember to factor in pricing when making your decision - make sure to look for great deals and discounts.

How do I know if my carrier bearings are bad?

If you experience a rattling or clunking noise coming from the rear of your Polaris Sportsman, this could be a sign that your carrier bearings are worn out. Other symptoms include grinding noises when turning and excessive vibration at higher speeds. If you observe any of these symptoms, check your ATV. It could be time to replace your carrier bearings with new ones! 

Wrapping Up

Browse our collection of Polaris Sportsman Carrier Bearings and upgrade your ATV. Ensure you shop from reliable brands and check compatibility before purchasing.