Ball Joints

A bad ball joint can ruin your day. Not only can it lead to unsafe driving conditions, but it can also cause extensive damage to your ATV. Your average ball joint has a lifespan; you should consider changing it as often as possible. At Everything Polaris Sportsman, we offer ball joints designed for the Polaris Sportsman 450, 570, 850, 110, XP 1000, and XP 1000 S models. They're made from high-quality materials and feature an exclusive design that helps them withstand the most demanding conditions. Browse and shop these ball joints!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Sportsman Ball Joints?

The Polaris Sportsman is popular among ATV enthusiasts, thanks to its rugged nature. However, as with any vehicle, parts can wear down over time and require replacement. One commonly replaced component on the Sportsman is the ball joint. The ball joints connect the suspension system to the wheels, allowing smooth and consistent movement as you tackle rough terrain. 

It's important to choose high-quality ball joints to ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle. Here are some tips to guide you.

Sealed or Serviceable Ball Joints

You can choose between factory-greased or serviceable types as you shop for the right ball joint. Some brands offer both ball joint types. The choice is yours. Remember to compare the prices of the ball joint. Ensure you are getting a good deal and that it has an appropriate warranty. 

Construction Quality

Another factor you should pay attention to is the construction quality. The best ball joints are made from high-quality materials that withstand extreme conditions. Some ball joints feature a design that helps them absorb shock and vibration to protect your Polaris Sportsman. It’s a cool addition but not a dealbreaker. You should also ensure the ball joint is compatible with your ATV model. It's also important to consider if you can install them on your own or need professional help. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what to look for in Polaris Sportsman ball joints, it's time to start shopping! Here at Everything Polaris Sportsman, we offer high-quality ball joints for the Polaris Sportsman.